Zadar is a nice little town on the west coast of Croatia. Home to the Archdioceses of the Roman Catholic Church - the only one in Croatia, the city has a rich religious history with many churches and important sights. It is also the oldest constantly inhabited city in Croatia. Over the many years the city, like much of Croatia, has a a host of different rulers - Rome, Venice, Austria [a bunch of times], Italy [a few times], France [sort of during Napoleon's reign]. After WWII, it was part of Yugoslavia. Now days, Zadar is a fascinating mix of all of these cultures but very distinctly Croatian. It is also home to the Sea Organ - an architectural sound art object. It plays sound or "music" using the sea breeze through tubes located under the steps of the local boardwalk. It's less Lisinski and more aquatic animal noises.

Zadar also is apparently Croatian for "crying children". During our brief three day stay in this tidy little town, we heard more whiny, crying kids than right before nap time at the local pre-school. No idea why - maybe they are spooked by the sounds of the Sea Organ.

Zadar is compact, picturesque and has great sunsets. It's a great place to explore the surrounding area. Also nearby are the interesting towns of Nin, famous for salt and Pag, famous for some fantastic sheep milk cheese.

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