The rain in Spain

It has been a particularly wet and windy Autumn on the Iberian peninsula. Towns all along the coast have seen destructive flooding, high winds and generally not Spain-like November weather. Many towns such as Málaga, Benidorm, Valencia and Cádiz have seen more rain over a weekend than they typically get in several months. It was against this cheerful backdrop that we moved from our hotel in Torremolinos to our apartment in Málaga.

While only 10 kilometers away from Torremolinos, it was a harrowing taxi cab ride. Casually hydroplaning down the expressway, our driver mentioned that the address we had given him for our apartment wasn't exactly complete. I guess I should have been clearer with the rental agency. Eventually, we determined that we had booked a place that was in a pedestrian only section of the old town. This brought up the very real prospect of being dropped of during a monsoon with 500 lbs of luggage with blocks still to go to get to the apartment. [OK, its really a little less than 150 lbs but I like drama]. Thankfully, in a skillful combination of the taxi driver's patience, my ability to use Google Maps and Joel's amazing language skills, we arrived close enough to our place to only get soaked instead of drowned.

The weather let up enough for us to enjoy a bit of our rooftop view. Not too shabby.

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