Street Walking

One of things that makes Sevilla so special is just wandering around and taking in street scenes. Since we have been here, we have walked something like 287,000 miles. Lots to see. You have to walk slowly to take it all in - admiring the tile on window ledges, the intricate balconies, the detailing in the buildings and don't forget to look inside open doors since most entryways have beautiful tile work and lead to cozy, tranquil patios with lovely little fountains. Also, take the path along the river and cross over into Triana to explore an older, character-filled middle-class neighborhood where locals consider themselves from Triana instead of Sevilla.

As with most of Europe, there are plenty of places to stop for a coffee or drink, so take a break and keep wandering. Sevilla has some of the most striking architecture of any city we've visited and it is amazingly well preserved. We don't remember where half of these pictures are from but they were sights we randomly stumbled upon daily.

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