Principe Real

Lisbon is made up of different neighborhoods. Within the center, those' hoods are really close to one another. We are staying in an apartment located in one of the more central neighborhoods known as Principe Real. Given it's location and housing stock, there is a lot of renovation taking place on old, tile clad buildings. It's a fantastic area with a mix of winding alleyways, 19th century mansions, parks, galleries, wine stores and gay bars. The botanical garden is here. The main street to the south, Rua de Sao Bento, is lined with a large smattering of antique shops, trendy cafes and old-timey stores. There are a number of good places to eat here [see Reviews and Lisbon Food], and the best part is that it is pretty much a 20 minute walk or 10 minute Uber ride to wherever you want to be in the city.

Oh yeah, the views are breathtaking.

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