Plaza del Obispo
Plaza del Obispo

Churches, grand old buildings, crumbling edifices, ancient castles, picturesque winding streets - Málaga has all of those things.

We spent a lot of time just wandering the very walkable historic center. We also visited the picturesque pier (which gets a ton of cruise ship traffic) and the rapidly gentrifying area called SOHO.

Highlights include the Cathedral (built in the late 1700’s), Many smaller but very accessible churches such as San Juan Buatista (20 feet from our front door) and the Iglesia Sagrado Corazón.

We visited a beautifully decorated , semi authentic hammam for massages and soaking during one of the days of torrential rain.

There are plazas galore to participate in a little snacking, relaxing and people watching (even in the rain - the Málaganese are hardy people). Our favorites were Plaza de Constitution and Plaza Obispo.

All in all it’s a lovely city and could be very liveable.....

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