La Ruta de Siete Lagos

The road of the seven lakes is the name given to route 40 between La Angostura and San Martin de los Andes. There are seven major lakes but the total number is higher. While only 67 miles long, it passes through absolutely gorgeous mountains, plains and of course glacial lakes. We took several days to drive up and back since there are numerous places you can pull off and hike/walk around the lakes. Also, some of the lakes are several miles off the main road and are worth the visit, for example Chico Espejo. Pack your lunch, find a log and sit on a lake shore soaking in the amazing views.

Villa La Angostura.  La Angostura is on the other side of the lake, Lago Nahuel Huapi, from Bariloche. It is smaller than Bariloche but also more attractive with more of a resort town feel.

San Martin de los Andes.  Set right on the lakefront of Lago Lácar, San Martin simply oozes mountain town/ski resort charm. Most of the construction is newer and is almost all natural wood and stone. All the buildings share a similar architecture and blend well together. It’s a beautiful setting on the lake, especially when the wind is blowing through, which it was most of the time we were there.

Villa Traful.  Definitely off the beaten path, this village is half way between the two major highways. Almost all the road is unpaved but in excellent condition. The village is small with all the basic essentials. The real reason to come here is follow the drive along Lago Truful. The road follows the lake most of the way and is very picturesque. Also there are far fewer travelers and most of them are Argentinian.

If you take the road past Traful and continue east to route 237, you can follow the Rio Negro back to Bariloche. The first part of the drive has beautiful views of the river as it winds through the valley.

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