Heavy Hitters

These are the sights everyone comes to Seville to see. Many people breeze through on a day tour and only see these. Its as shame as the city has so much more to offer if you stick around and take it in slowly. In fact, you really can't see everything Sevilla has to offer in a day. Besides the best part is just sitting having a drink and taking it in. I could admire the Giralda every day and never get tired of it. There are a few roof decks with amazing views of it like the Hotel Inglaterra and the Aire baths. Some of you may notice that the Alcazar is not included here. We didn't go. We couldn't get tickets online because the site didn't like our US credit cards and the lines are really, really long [and slow]. We're going to other places with similar architecture, so we took a pass.

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  1. I loved plaza de España. When we were there, there was a group of gypsy type of flamenco performers. They were soooo good if not better than the fancy flamenco show I went to see at a theater in Sevilla. Of course their outfits were not fancy at all but you could feel their energy/feelings as they dance. I was almost in tears watching them perform right in the middle of the building on the lower terrace. I felt that I witnessed a true flamenco group as they used to do it back in the days.

    1. Such a lovely space! I think we saw those same people. They were incredible. There was also a guy playing Peruvian/Andalusian sort of music in the stairs of one of the side towers. Both nice musical background for an amazing afternoon!

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