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While Lisbon is famous for the cute trolley cars that ply the hills in town,  Lisbon is primarily a walking city. And walk we have. Somewhere on average of at least 6 miles a day. That doesn't include Uber or the subway or those cute dockless electric scooters. We have a joke that when Google Maps says a route is "mostly flat" that usually means the elevation where we are and where we want to be are pretty much the same - it doesn't take into account the 100 meter rise and fall in between. You only seem to go downhill in order to go back uphill. Also, there is no such thing as a "straight" or "correct" way to get anywhere. The streets wind around in different directions. Its a daily personal challenge to find the fastest direction or the path with the least hills. It's is rarely both.

Other modes of transportation in Lisbon make getting around pretty easy especially if you are comfortable with public buses. The buses are efficient and convenient if not sometimes crowded. The metro is good for longer hauls or between specific locations but is limited in the older parts of the city. Taxis and Uber are everywhere and easy to get.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe so walking makes it easier to see those quirky, beautiful places that would otherwise go unnoticed in a car or subway. It seems like you could walk around Lisbon for weeks and still run into something you haven't seen, except for tourists. It's amazing how you see the same tourists around town.

Below are a few of those quirky, beautiful places to be discovered...

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