El Chalten

About a decade ago hikers and backpackers discovered the village of El Chalten and it's been growing rapidly as a tourist destination. The main attraction is Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. It’s a gateway to trails surrounding the peaks of Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy, the symbol of the Patagonia region and the outdoor apparel brand. The town basically exists to support those who come for the hiking, many of whom stay for weeks to explore the numerous trails and campgrounds. The hikes are moderately difficult, at least the beginning parts. If you adventure further up the mountains, they become much more difficult.

The pictures below were taken while hiking the Fitz Roy trail. As you can see, the scenery is stunning. The best part? Sitting on a log at the lake eating lunch and drinking fresh, cold Andean glacier mountain stream water.

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  1. This is fabulous!! The photos are so beautiful I hope to talk to you in Mexico about the writing and how you are enjoying your travels. VIRG

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