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Málaga is a bustling little port town that serves as the gateway to the Costa Del Sol. When you say “Málaga”, most people actually think you are referring Marbella or some other tacky tourist spot further a long the coast. In reality Málaga City is rich in heritage, tourist sights and fantastic food. It also has a beach but it’s focus is mostly on finer pursuits.

There are no fewer than 30 museums packed into this very walkable, attractive city. During our time, we hit the highlights. The compact but well laid out Museo Picasso (don’t do this on a rainy day; everyone else has the same idea) is definitely for Picasso fans. Museo Carmen Thyssen highlights mostly Andalusian artists or art about Andalusia during the 18th to 19th centuries. We were surprised how much we enjoyed this one. The Málaga branch of the Musee Pompidou is great if you are a huge fan of modern art. All of them quite interesting.

Three favorites from the Museo Carmen Thyssen below.

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  1. So cool! We took our kid to the Picasso museum. It had a special exibit of his early work. She was traumatized 😄

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