We are Joel and Allan. A well traveled, middle aged gay couple who just happen to be exploring the world learning about different places and people and looking for interesting places to settle down.  Ideally this will lead to a Bravo reality show but, in the meantime, enjoy the blog ?

During our 29 years together, we have seen a lot. Our journeys have taken us to over 50 countries. Some of them (Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Thailand) we have visited many times. We want to spend the next few years spending 6 months or so in places we enjoyed but only got to see for brief periods, getting deeper under the skin, so to say, of some of our favorite places. We are hoping to throw in a few new places as well.

Join us as we travel around the globe, settling into new places, learning how to negotiate life and sharing our insights to make your next trip or move spectacular. We will be discovering, eating and preparing new foods – not just local dishes but some of your favorites that help make being far from home easier to cope with.

Occasionally we may point out some cool bars, restaurants, events, and gay oriented places and locales (don’t worry, we will keep it safe for work time reading). Everyone is welcome to join in the discovery and discussion. We hope to chronicle day to day living tips in far off places and find all of the little touches that make places unique and interesting in the global village.We will season all of that with pictures (still learning about photography) and antidotal stories about how we got here, what makes us tick and just some general, good old fashioned, completely biased opinions, observations and bullshit. It will be fun.