We did some cultural stuff too

So everyone doesn't think that all we did was lollygag about the city eating tapas and drinking sherry, we definitely have done some cultural activities.

As an aside, did you know Spain has approximately 49.5 million people and 50 million pigs? We did our part to help keep the population even.

First, of course, we sampled the gay night life. When you are our age, its not an easy leap to make - bars don't start getting busy until midnight, the discos don't open until 2AM. People go home at 7AM. Clearly not designed for the geriatric set unless you're Spanish, then it just seems normal. That said, the gay scene was lively and better than we expected.

Since our arrival in Sevilla, we have seen the Virgin Mary in not one, but two different processions [accompanied, of course, by a full marching band]. Odd but lovely.

We attended the Sevilla City Symphony Orchestra at the Teatro de la Maestranza. As best as I can figure out, it was accompanied by Leonardo DiCaprio [without socks], Julia Louise-Dreyfus and a resurrected Steve Jobs who all performed some selections from "Don Quixote, The Opera". Steve Jobs was admirable. The 8 year old girl in front of us was as excited about it as I was. Joel enjoyed Hiroo Sato as piano soloist but felt he was a bit mechanical. He's not sure if it was the pianist or just the Rachmaninov.

We went to the Mueso del Toro. Not worth it [except for being able to stand in the bullring].

We did two walking tours. One with virtual reality [PastView] that takes in the history of Sevilla. Awkward but informative. The second was an excellent twilight tour of the old Jewish Quarter [covered in a separate post].

Below are some highlights of the walking tour of Sevilla. Sadly, the pictures from Museo de Toro did not turn out so well. I did include a picture of the theater seats just to prove I was there. If you want to hear more about gay clubbing, PM me and we can talk about it.

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  1. Did you guys notice the ceramic tile mosaics all over by just about each business? And sometimes by a private house? We thought that was amazing. Did you go see a flamenco dance show? I loved it, peter not do much.

    1. There were tiles everywhere. They really made some buildings stand out and really looked over done on a few. We had heard the flamenco show probably wasn’t going to be our thing. Since we are in Andalucía for a while, we thought maybe Málaga for that if we get bored.

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