Over Water

So,  the next leg of our journey sees us with a 30 hour lay over in San José Costa Rica. Ensconced in the stunning courtyard Marriott for the night with a bonus late 4:00pm check out. It was not horrible. We did laundry, visited a Walmart [more than once] and had some food nearby and at the hotel. This served as a good reminder of why Costa Rica is not a culinary destination.

Even with late check out, we had to hang out at SJO for 4 1/2 hours. While not the most boring airport, they do get an award for least appealing VIP lounges in Latin America. Cheesy Latino Pop, bad juice and dry finger sandwiches can only keep you occupied for so long. And this was the nice lounge.

When it came time board, we went to the the gate and waited. And waited. And waited. By the time Edelweiss got around to letting us know our departure time was fairly elastic, two things had happened. First, I had been to the gate and asked about 3 times how much an upgrade to business class would be. It’s a long flight and I am a horrible flyer [as well as a bit of a princess] so I thought a couple hundred bucks could be well spent. Apparently their idea of what an upgrade should cost and mine were a little far apart.

We soon discovered that what was delaying  our flight was a maintenance issue. As mentioned, I am horribly flyer and the flight was over water and it was 12 hours. Even two Lorazepam down, I may have been a bit less than happy about getting on the plane.. What it turned out to be was one of the emergency exits didn’t work. Apparently that makes a plane perfectly flyable as long as there are fewer people on it [I guess they didn't want the exits crowding for that smooth water landing between Costa Rica and Europe].  Then they ask for volunteers - 16 to be exact - because they can take off with a broken emergency exit with 220 people on board. Yay. I did contemplate volunteering for a split second but figured that would just delay the inevitable.

I am not exactly sure how but my fantastic husband worked some of his travel magic. As the plane boarded, we received upgrades - for free. I, of course, was thrilled. Snug, comfortable and slightly medicated, I able to fly across the Atlantic without a single panic attack.

And as it turns out, we were not so late getting into Zurich that we still had a 3 hour wait for our 14 hour overnight train to Zagreb. We did get to chow down on some market purchased cheese, sausage and wine on the train. Long travel day/night/day.

The European Default Meal-on-the-go
The European Default Meal-on-the-go

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