Living at the top of the stairs

Our six days in Cusco seemed too sort. There are many things to see and do, so much culture to participate in and so much food to eat.

There are also The Stairs of San Blas.

Many years ago, San Blas was a poorer part of town not yet discovered by people with yoga mats or puffy North Face jackets. It was humble and Cusquaños who had lived here for generations had a modest lifestyle and spent their days traversing sets of stairs to and from their homes on this steep hillside section of town. These days, San Blas is full of boutique accommodations, trendy restaurants and yoga studios.

Many of the streets that can accommodate cars are bi-directional. That means its one way for one car and when they are through, its the other way for the next. When they meet in the middle, there is a ot of driving in reverse. Many of the quaint cobble stone streets are steep and narrow; too step and way too narrow for cars. Makes getting a cab home difficult. In fact, on occasion, it is impossible. Many taxi drivers will not go to the top of San Blas - where our apartment was -so walking up the steps was our only option. Some days it is challenging to get back to your room or apartment. In Cusco's thin atmosphere [at 3400 meteres above sea level], the lack of oxygen can make getting around seem like hiking up Mount Everest, especially if you have bronchitis when you're there.

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