From There to Here

Our decision to start this trip off in Peru wasn’t exactly one of those well thought out, six spreadsheets and weeks of research affairs. We decided to rent our house in Costa Rica for a spell and travel the world looking for other places we would like to call home. The problem [it’s a problem everyone should have] was that our house was pretty popular and people wanted to rent it far earlier than we had planned on vacating. We got an offer from an amazing family and decided that we could probably vacate a bit earlier and….. BAM, we decided to start in Peru. That whole process felt like 10 minutes but was really about two weeks.

We had been here before but had never been to Lima. Well, small lie there – Joel actually stayed in Lima for 6 weeks when he was an exchange student way back before pocket calculators and the internet. We had managed to visit the southern part of Peru many years ago but had never stepped foot in Lima. So, we were pretty damn excited to see some more of Latin America, continue working on our Spanish, and sample some out of this world food.

So certain that we were going to like Lima [and so temporarily afflicted with a major case of indecision] we booked an Airbnb in Miraflores – a fashionable and wealthy if a bit unrealistic part of Lima. The unit is super convenient for walking around and discovering all of the places you would want to [safely] walk around and discover in one of the largest cities in Latin America. Not so great if you value sleep since it is smack dab next door to a major building construction site. We have a total of five weeks in Peru and we have three whole weeks to discover Lima, get into some routine [I am hitting the gym everyday and Joel is playing copious amounts of tennis], eat a ton of food and decide where the hell we are going to go next.

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