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Lima. Cold. Grey. Drizzly. Slippery. One might wonder how we got from the sandy, sunny Guanacaste beaches of Costa Rica to a city with urban sprawl, more car horns than cows and a high likelihood of developing a quick case of Seasonal Affectation Disorder. Long story and we will get to that little by little [or poco un poco in local parlance].

We called Playa Potrero, Costa Rica home for the last year. It is a rapidly growing little village located on the Gold Coast of Guanacaste. Renovating a home and living in paradise is tougher than you might want to think. We could write an entire blog about relocating, renovating and relationships. In the meantime, we will talk about seeing Costa Rica as tourists.

We were fortunate enough to spend the last week in Costa Rica as tourists and had the opportunity to show some dear friends around the beautiful landscape of Playa Flamingo, Potrero and surrounding environs. I want to dedicate this post to giving a shout out to some awesome places that were every day for us but would make fabulous vacation highlights if someone wanted to plan a trip to Costa Rica:

Coco Loco – A fantastic bar on Flamingo Beach. I meant, literally on the beach. You can totally live out that fruity drinks with toes in the sand fantasy you have had all of your adult life.

El Castillo – Locals restaurant and bar hangout with absolutely fantastic food. Probably some of the best homemade bacon in all of Central America. Don’t miss the Steak and Eggs or Country Fried Steak. Tell Harlan I said “Hi”. You probably won’t get anything special but it’s worth a try.

La Sodita Italiana – Not really a “soda’ [we can revisit that term later] but a full fledged trattoria with some of the best pizza, pasta and fish specials in Brasilito

Angelina’s – High end Italaian/steak house with a dry aging program for its beef. Great cocktails and fantastic staff. Make a reservation in the busy season.

Panache – best sunset/snorkel cruise on the Gold Coast. Knlwledgable, suoer friendly crew, two new smooth sailing catamarans and endless cocktails [at least while you are on the boat].

Rio Perdido –  amazing adventure eco lodging facility in the Rincon de la Vieja area of Guanacaste. Zip Lining, Canyon Rafting, Hiking, Biking and Spaing [OK, not a real work but you will appreciate it after the hiking and other activites]. Lounging in the hot spring fed river while admiring the canyon beauty is nirvana.  Great staff.

Potrero Sunset
Flamingo Beach


Tamarindo Beach

Potrero Sunset

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