We spent the day in this fairy-tale town to check out the Christmas Market as well as see one of the best preserved Alsatian towns in France. It did not disappoint on either front. The Christmas markets here are spread out, so seeing them means you see the town too. If you're in need of re-fueling, stop by L'Ardoise. It's a cute little restaurant with terrific food and friendly service.

If Strasbourg is the capital of Christmas,  Colmar is home. Its seems much cozier and far more personal. Its mostly due to the size of the town, but the people seemed to be a bit more, well, Christmas-y. Pretty sure not having a terrorist attack in your town the week before might have been part of it. What is also nice is that Colmar seems to have escaped the itineraries of American tourists who pop in for a selfie and a teddy-bear snow globe.

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